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  • How are LUUM rings made?
    Each ring is handcrafted using a process similar to sand casting, an ancient method of jewelry making. Our smiths start by creating a mold using the medium you provide. They then melt down your chosen noble metal (and/or heirlooms), and pour the molten metal into the mold. Once set, our smiths carefully hand finish your ring.
  • How much does a LUUM ring cost?
    We have a flat cost when you provide your own noble metals, and when we provide the metal the cost will vary depending on the size you choose. See pricing guide here.
  • How long does the whole process take?
    The standard LUUM process — from registration to ring in hand — typically takes eight to ten weeks, this assumes you ship back your kit within a week of receiving it.
  • Where does LUUM ship?
    We are currently set up to ship anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Open to shipping around the globe, just email us at info@LUUMjewelry to discuss.
  • Will I have to pay any additional shipping fees or duties?
    All shipping and duties are included.
  • How can I track my ring & are my items safe in the mail?
    We take every possible precaution with our shipping - whether you’re sending us heirlooms, or we’re returning your finished LUUM ring. All parcels have a tracking number and are shipped insured to secured locations or require a signature.
  • What sizes and widths do you offer?
    Our process allows you to fully customize your band. Ring sizes: 2 to 14 (available in half sizes). Ring width options range from 2mm to 10mm.
  • Can I add stones or diamonds to my ring?
    Not at this time. Maybe one day, though!
  • Do you make any other types of jewelry?
    Right now, we only offer rings.
  • I have jewelry allergies, can I still get a LUUM ring?
    Of course! We cannot guarantee the purity of client-provided jewelry, so if you are concerned about allergies, we strongly recommend you allow us to provide new noble metals for your ring that you are comfortable will meet your specific needs.
  • Can I return or exchange my ring?
    Because of the bespoke nature of each LUUM ring, we are not able to offer refunds or exchanges. All sales are final. Luum defects are very rare as each ring is carefully evaluated by our smiths before we return the finished band to you. However, if your item has any manufacturing defects, we're happy to fix your ring under the terms of our One Year Limited Warranty.
  • What materials can I use for my casting medium?
    The signature style of LUUM’s textured surface is created by the organic irregularities of the medium you provide. LUUM rings have been cast with clay, salt, silt, dirt, brick, stone, ash and sand, and even building materials (bricks, tiles, etc.). We can work with any non-combustible material, and we love it when people select creative casting mediums.* However, because of the heat applied during LUUM’s casting process, we cannot use materials like wood, plants, plastic, or wax — as they would burn up. The mediums that work best are made up of grains the size of sand or smaller. A finer medium will result in less texture on your ring, whereas larger granules will leave deeper markings. *Please be aware of relevant ordinances as people are prohibited from removing earth from certain state and federal lands.
  • Will you tell me if my casting medium is acceptable?
    Of course! Just shoot us an email and we’ll let you know if your chosen medium will work.
  • Can I mix mediums?
    Want more than one memory captured in your ring? No problem, we can mix multiple casting mediums.
  • Can I send you a solid casting medium?
    If you send us a hunk of something solid (e.g., stone, pottery, brick), we can crush it down for you.
  • How much casting medium do I need to send?
    Three to five tablespoons worth is best. If you’re sending us something solid you’d like us to grind for you, the ideal amount of material is about one or two golf balls worth.
  • Can I contribute my own heirloom jewelry to make my ring?
    Absolutely! Heirlooms are important remembrances of your family history. But what was acceptable in the ’80s, may not be stylish now. By combining the traditional techniques of goldsmiths with modern tools, LUUM smiths can give treasured family jewelry new life. When using heirloom jewelry to create your LUUM ring, there are a few important things to note: We can only work with jewelry that’s made of verified gold or silver. We need you to provide at least 50% of the final weight of your ring. (Don’t worry, our instructions will guide you / tell you exactly how many grams you need as you design your ring, and you can weigh it with the scale in your kit.)
  • How do I know if my heirlooms are made of verified gold or silver?
    There are three ways to ensure your heirlooms are made from noble metals: Check for hallmarks. Typically, noble metals are stamped with a hallmark indicating the karat (quality) of the piece. Your local jeweler can test your heirlooms and certify what they’re made of. We can also certify your heirlooms. If what you send us isn’t gold or silver, we’ll be in touch to discuss what your options are.
  • How do I identify a hallmark?
    Here’s our handy hallmark guide.
  • How much heirloom jewelry should I send?
    As you design your ring and select the size and width, our instructions / calculator will let you know the minimum heirloom weight needed. The minimum is 50% of the total metal required to craft your ring. If you can send 100%, that’s best.
  • How can you make my ring if I don’t send enough heirloom jewelry?
    All rings with less than 100% of the material required to craft a ring to your size and width selection will be supplemented with master alloy, these are the same base metals used to pare down pure 24k gold to 14k. We make every effort to select alloys that best match the color of the heirloom(s) received. By adding alloys, the karatage of your ring will decrease (e.g., if you send us all 18K gold that we supplement with alloy, it could be reduced to 14K).
  • Can I mix metals?
    Totally. But keep in mind, like when mixing paints, the color of your final ring will be a gorgeous blend of the tones you send us.
  • What color will my ring be?
    If you send us 100% of the heirloom weight needed and it’s a single piece of jewelry, then the color will match what you send us. If we need to supplement your heirloom(s) with master alloy, then the final band will be close in color to what you sent us. If you send us multiple heirlooms, the colors of the piece(s) will dictate the final blended hue of your ring.
  • Can you test my heirloom jewelry for me?
    Yes, we use standard industry testing. Part of testing requires us to make a small scratch on the item. If the heirloom turns out to be costume jewelry we will return it to you. Typically, you won’t notice the scratch as we make it in a discrete location.
  • What happens if the heirloom jewelry I send you isn’t made from noble metals?
    Even if your treasures aren’t made from noble metals, we understand they’re sentimental, so we’ll ensure that they get back to you. You’ll have three options: Design a ring using our provided noble metals. In this case, we will return your heirlooms to you with the finished ring. You can send us other heirloom jewelry to use. We will return any unusable heirlooms with the finished ring. Should you choose not to create a LUUM band, we will return your heirlooms to you. However, you will be charged for the shipping.
  • If there’s gold leftover after you’ve cast my ring, what happens to it?
    The value of any excess gold you send, along with scraps from the casting process will be donated to our friends at who work to connect consumers with responsible jewelers dedicated to leaving as little environmental trace as possible.
  • What are some ideas of heirlooms I can use?
    Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, gold coins, cufflinks, brooches, pendants, and lockets — just make sure any precious keepsakes, like photos, are taken out before you send them to us! As long as your heirloom is made from 100% real gold or silver (as opposed to plated), we can use it. We also love it when people choose to incorporate multiple pieces, the more heritage you can weave into your LUUM ring, the more meaningful it becomes.
  • What comes in the LUUM Kit?
    · Ring sizing tools · A scale to weigh your heirlooms · Bags for your casting medium and heirlooms · Customer order form to indicate your custom specifications · Pre-paid shipping to get your kit back to us safely
  • Why am I paying for the LUUM Kit?
    The cost of your kit is a non-refundable deposit towards the final cost of your ring.
  • I lost part of my LUUM Kit, what should I do?
    No problem, we've got you covered. If you’ve lost your ring sizer, head to a local jeweler — they can help you figure out your ring size. If you have misplaced the scale, a food scale can work as a substitute. If you have lost your medium and heirloom bags, that’s ok. Just make sure to label whatever you send us and ensure it’s properly sealed, so it doesn’t spill in transit.
  • How can I best care for my new ring?
    Following these steps will help keep your ring in the best condition possible: Take off your jewelry before your daily rituals such as showering, applying lotion, makeup, perfume, etc. Leave your jewelry at home before engaging in strenuous activities, like going to the gym. Keep your jewelry away from chemicals such as perfume, hair spray, cosmetics and lotion. Keep away from moisture, particularly swimming pools. Use mild cleaning solutions to keep the ring clean.
  • What if my ring doesn’t fit?
    After hand finishing your band, our smiths do a final evaluation of each ring. They ensure the size and width match exactly what you ordered. If your finger size has changed, or if you made an error in choosing your ring size, you can bring your ring to a local jeweler to have it resized.
  • Can I get my ring resized?
    Yes, your ring can be easily resized by any local jeweler.
  • Can I share my story with you?
    We’d love that! You can send your photos, videos, or stories to Or, simply tag us on Instagram @luumjewelry
  • What are noble metals?
    We refer to gold, silver and other standard jewelry metals as “noble metals.” All our rings are cast from one (or a mix, if you're supplying multiple heirlooms) of these materials.
  • What is a casting medium?
    LUUM’s signature textured pattern is how we incorporate a special place or memory into your band. The texture is imprinted using a process similar to sand casting, an ancient method of jewelry making. You send us a meaningful medium (or two!) — such as clay, salt, silt, dirt, brick, stone, ash and sand — and we use that to forge your story into a ring.
  • What is a sprue?
    When we pour the molten metal to cast your ring, we end up with a little nub called a sprue. When we’re using our in-house noble metals, our smiths simply remove the sprue, and then melt it back down and reuse that metal. When we’re making a ring from your heirlooms, though, we cannot repurpose that sprue. Instead, we donate those sprues to our friends at
  • What is a hallmark?
    A hallmark is an official mark (or stamp) imprinted on items made of noble metal. Hallmarks certify that an item is made from either platinum, gold, or silver. Here’s our handy hallmark guide.
  • What is a karat?
    A measure of the purity of gold. Pure gold is 24 karats.
  • What is a smith?
    Smiths are the LUUM artisans that craft rings using traditional jewelry making techniques.
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