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Jessica & Jeff


Jackie & Justin

Hi, we'Re the Co-founders of Luum.

We're four friends, two couples, and all Canadians with names starting with the letter J. We like dogs, and hanging poolside in Palm Springs together. But let's take it back a step...


When Jessica and Jeff were newly engaged, they knew they didn’t want a store-bought wedding band, "we wanted a ring with meaning that told a story, our story. So, we created one." Jeff, being a furniture designer and having a serious thing for casting, melted gold passed down from Jessica's Bubbie, Cookie, and cast it with Mayan mud from the Yucatán, a place he and Jessica hold near and dear.

Fast forward to Palm Springs one month after saying  "I do"...

On a trip to the desert with their good friends Jackie and Justin, the topic of Jeff's wedding band came up. This time, it was Justin who proposed — not with a ring, but a business plan. Amongst us was a storyteller (Jessica), designer (Jeff), brand expert (Jackie) and financial planner (Justin), all excited at the prospect of helping other people tell their stories through our rings.

Shortly after, LUUM was born.

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